Foster Program

MK Haus offers a foster program for German Shepherd puppies and older dogs that we have for our breeding program. We have limited space in our kennel so we can’t keep everyone here for our kennel to build and develop our bloodlines. We need to keep the best bloodlines by keeping the “pick of a litter ” or buy new lines to breed with. We need homes for these dogs to live in. This also allows the animal to live the home life. We offer this program to people for an opportunity to own a top quality German Shepherd dog without having to buy one. These quality puppies sell for $2800 or higher or an older dog can run up to $4000 or higher.

If a family qualifies as a foster home, they are given the puppy or dog and it lives with them for life. The foster home is responsible for the vet care/testing, training, feeding and grooming of the dog. Any breeding costs are paid by Vom MK Haus. The puppy/dog is to remain intact until Vom MK Haus is done using them for breeding. The females are bred once a year until they are 8. Males are bred whenever they are needed until they are too old to perform. The foster female dog will return to the kennel to breed and then live with their family during pregnancy. One week before they are due to give birth, they will return to the kennel and stay until the puppies are weaned at 5 weeks old. The males just come to the kennel for 3-7 days. Once the dogs are no longer breeding the foster family must get them spayed or nuetered.

We are very picky about who qualifies as a foster family. We have a contract. No intact males in the house. We want our dogs in safe homes where they are well taken cared for and are not allowed to run free unattended. We expect the dogs to be house dogs not tied out or left in a kennel 24/7. We prefer to have experienced dog owners. We prefer the families to live within 2 hours of our kennel and be willing to drive the dog back and forth to us when we need them. We also require the dog to be fed the food we feed or recommend and a strict vet care plan be followed with no leptospirosis vaccines given due to potential health complications.

If you think this program interests you and you would like to discuss the details further, please contact us.