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Rory Vom Lamp

Large structured bicolor male with massive head. Produces standard to above standard size with medium to high drive offspring
Does not carry longcoat

About Us

What Motivates Us

DDR German Shepherds are dogs originating from East Germany’s Cold War military canine development efforts. Due to rigorous training and strict breeding standards, the DDR produced a specimen with fewer health risks, higher physical potential, and admirable intelligence.

Today, MK Haus DDR is one of a small number of dedicated breeders worldwide actively preserving the DDR lineage and its physical soundness and structure, intelligence, natural drive, highly developed tracking abilities, temperament, and devotion to their handler.

What to Expect

Exceptional Quality

As a responsible Dog Breeder, we carefully screen potential owners to make sure they understand exactly what is required when it comes to taking care of these animals. Please note, because they are a breed that needs training and special care to ensure proper mental and physical development, we place all puppies on Limited AKC Registration. Certain exceptions are made for proven trainers and responsible breeders.

AKC can be upgraded by providing MK Haus DDR proof of passing X-rays (Hips & Elbows) as well as a passing Embark Breeders test.